Hard Knocks Academy

Welcome to the Hard Knocks Academy, the school of hard knocks.  This web site is currently being developed, but we plan to open registration in the near future so please bookmark this web site and check in on our progress from time-to-time.


Courses - general information (incomplete listing)

  • Learning things the hard way - far more than a crash course, this is a multi-crash course, and it's mandatory unless you were fortunate enough to earn temporary immunity by completing the Silver Spoon classes
  • Silver Spoon - this elusively exclusive course provides students with the opportunity to snub other courses while boosting their own egos with a mightier-than-thou sense of self-importance, but has many hefty requirements that make it seem offensively discriminatory.  (Please note that this course is currently pre-booked into eternity and has ridiculously long waiting lists that make the job of an overburdened tax auditor seem like a walk in the park.)
  • Antidisestablishmentarianism - learn the art of using broken records and study oppositional methodologies in dealing with authority figures (this course is particularly popular with teenagers and tends to be more insufferable than a typical first year philosophy course)
  • The Golden Rule - oppressive philosophy at its insufferable best (go ahead, give it a "good college try" if you think you can handle having your ideals questioned and your attitudes turned upside down)
  • Brick Wall Construction - this multi-layered course teaches students how to ignore know-it-alls, annoying relatives, haphazard politicians, religious leaders, drunk idiots, and nearly all varieties of annoying jerks who insist on imposing their unreasonable ideals on everyone else (this course is ideally suited to rights activists, teachers, triage nurses, and police officers)
  • Murphy's Law - despite your very best efforts, it's unavoidable, for what can go wrong probably will go wrong, and this self-enforcing law is immune to reverse psychology whether you like it or not
  • More to come...


Student-oriented activities

  • "Know when it's time to leave the bar" pub nights
  • "You can't always get what you want" musical theory society