Curriculum - Business - Herding Cats [Cowboys herding cats]

This management course applies the adage of "thinking outside the box" in concert with high-demand "time is of the essence" scenarios.  Contrary to popular belief, cats can be herded, as was once even explained in a video demonstration produced by EDS, a highly successful and well-respected multi-national corporation that cautiously regards financial transactions as felines for the obvious reason that any mishandling can lead to serious trouble.

Please note that tardiness is not tolerated in this class, and that this important expectation is strictly enforced by imposing failing grades.

"Most of us want to be entertained, but learning is the opposite of entertainment.  Learning's actually the opposite of entertainment, because if I really want you to learn something, what I probably need to do is make you modestly uncomfortable: you have to have a little creative tension, you have to say 'I need to think differently about something,' and most people don't want to think differently."
-- Jeffrey Pfeffer (December 9, 2015)