Curriculum - General - Silver Spoon

This elusively exclusive course provides students with the opportunity to snub other courses while boosting their own egos with a mightier-than-thou sense of self-importance, but has many hefty requirements that make initial enrollment seem offensively discriminatory.  The pre-requisites are as follows:

  • The student must have a predisposition to high expectations of entitlement
  • Parents of applicants must have access to the relevant school supplies, such as silver spoons, because these items are not provided with the course (although they are available for purchase at the student book store across the street from the administration building, conveniently located near the free parking complex for luxury automobiles)
  • All applications must be received prior to the applicant's conception (the Hard Knocks Academy is not responsible for missed deadlines due to damaged, incomplete, or mis-directed applications)

Please note that due to limited space in the ivory tower, this course is currently pre-booked into eternity and has ridiculously long waiting lists that make the job of an overburdened tax auditor seem like a walk in the park.