Curriculum - Philosophy - Intellectual Development

Where within the smart-to-ignorant-to-stupid spectrum do you aspire to be?  While that answer may vary from one subject to the next, this course can help you make the most appropriate choice from the blissfully-centred springboard of the level playing field of near-absolute ignorance.  Some additional bonus topics of study, such as the ATCV-1 virus (follow this link for the "ATCV-1 Chlorovirus information centre") that impairs the cognitive capabilities of human beings and lab mice alike, are also included in this course.

One of the most memorable highlights of this course, or so we've come to understand by way of feedback in various forms from some of our students, is the comparative insight that a roughly equal amount of effort is required to develop either intelligence or stupidity, and that understanding how to recognize both in their feigned and genuine forms is of particular utility to employers.

"We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid."
-- Benjamin Franklin