The Academy of Hard Knocks has a universally undisputed reputation due to the fact that its faculty understand and appreciate that they are immersed in reality with a dash of Murphy's Law (whether they like it or not).  The academy recognizes that people are among the most valuable resources known to humankind, and greatly appreciates the burdens that make the collection of life experience so profoundly worthwhile.


Career opportunities

Our infamous "don't call us, we'll call you" approach to finding the right candidates has served us well so far in this peculiar "finish school with the goal of going back to school to work" attitude.  Just in case this doesn't seem fair, please do keep in mind that this is also our stubborn time-honoured tradition and so any designs one might have to present a well-reasoned argument for breaking tradition, such as by sending us a resume, will most likely prove to be a fruitless exercise in futility as we are presently not hiring anyone.